Stack of Books About Work and Women

Why the FAMILY Act Is Necessary

If this stack of books is any indication, the issue of family leave and childcare is an ongoing and challenging topic which is why the FAMILY Act is so important. Women are still by and large running the household.  Equality at home is few and far between. And families still don't get the support they need to do something as simple as care for their families.  As a nation we rank far behind other countries in putting families first, and we are behind in putting women on equal footing with men...

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the joys of going back to work

The Joys of Going Back to Work

I loved being a stay at home mom during my maternity leave. I adored it. Our long walks together, my daughter napping in the stroller while I logged a few miles on the way to the neighborhood coffee bar. Staying home with my daughter those first few months was the absolute best decision I’ve ever made. But so was going back to work. 

I remember the first job I...

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Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus Serves Us a Workable Solution, One Slice at a Time

I first heard Samantha Ettus speak at Biggest Baby Shower Ever a few years back. Samantha's personality and laughter filled the auditorium. We met on that stage as I helped her give away strollers to a handful of winners out of the thousands of attendees at the event. We felt like Oprah "You get a stroller! And you get a stroller! And you get a stroller!" We instantly clicked.

Since then I have heard Samantha speak numerous...

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Top 10 Tips to Help Working Moms Manage Their Time Better

Moms - raising a family is an all-consuming job in itself with making lunches, carpool, managing in-school and after school activities, volunteering at school, managing your social schedule (ha! we wish), the grocery shopping, making dinner, doing the laundry and getting the dogs to the vet, its just the tip of the iceberg. Adding work into all of that seems near impossible. Or doing it all seems near impossible. Here's some tips we have for making life seem more...

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diane laughing-620x270

Entrepreneurship, Divorce and Parenthood. How I “Do It?”

My career involves mentoring, inspiring and empowering women. Sometimes I get asked where I find my own motivation, how do I stay positive and how do I manage  running a start-up company while being a divorced mom of three girls. Here is part of the answer to that question:

I have my own support system that includes coaches, family  and friends. I find that girl friends are SO important. Having founded a Social Selling...

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