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Crowdfunding Options Broaden Horizons for Women Entrepreneurs

When you are an entrepreneur raising money is a key focus of your efforts. Once you raise that first round, there will always be a need to raise more in order to grow your business. So strap in, entrepreneurs, when you take on that CEO title realize that title means “chief fundraiser” among many other things. Many entrepreneurs start out with small business loans or do what a lot of entrepreneurs do in the early it themselves via small business loans, credit cards and...

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What it Means to Be a Mom Boss

Nicole Feliciano is a "mom boss", an entrepreneur and busy mom of two. For the last ten years she's been sharing her personal finds and interests with like-minded moms on her site, MomTrends and has gathered other like-minded moms to her team along the way.

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SheEO Offers an Innovative Funding Solution to Women Entrepreneurs

For women, getting funding in today's environment can seem challenging. Angel investors and VC firms, while stating that they want to fund more women owned businesses, are still asking the same questions to determine value and opportunity. The fact is that only 4% of venture capital funding goes to women. The venture community wants to invest in billion dollar opportunities, their end goal being to cash out upon exit. So if you're not building the next...

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4 Tips for Starting Your Own Home-Based Business

Dreaming of launching a business from your home? You’ll join an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs, according to a broad new report based on 6,000 surveys.

Sixty-nine percent of all U.S. businesses start in the home and half of them are still home-based long after they launch, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report.

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