Professional Image Consultant Lori Barber

Meet the MomFair Atlanta Speakers: Lori Barber Talks Professional Image

Your professional style sets the tone for your first encounter, from how you feel once you put on that final accessory and grab your shoes to the impression you leave with each person you encounter. Personal image makes an impact. Meet style and image consultant Lori Barber. Lori is the founder and president of Elements Image Consulting. She provides her clients with the elements of style, confidence and success...

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matt jill

A Baby...And A Blog, The Benefits of Blogging

How to keep working in television and media after having a baby? My first piece of advice: Don’t panic… life might be changing in a different direction, but it just might be okay.

The date was January 17, 2010, it was the first Golden Globes red carpet I wouldn’t be working (on account of my longtime contracted job as an entertainment reporter with an up-and-coming cable network ending the month before… and I hadn’t...

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Why Blog? It's a Great Pathway to Getting a Job

Many of us think of blogging as the answer to earning an at home income. Ask any blogger who's been at it for a while and they will tell you that creating the blog is the easy part, making money from it is a whole other ball game. Yes, there are many successful bloggers out there who are earning a living just from running their sites. But many of these successful bloggers are also marketers who understand how to build audiences and how to work with brands to...

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